Student Testimonials

Just some of the feedback from recent pupils who passed with driving instruction from Driving Winchester:

I’ve spent a very long time learning to drive. Several moves, children and a husband in the army who’s always away, have meant delays and changes of instructors. Having Colin as my instructor finally put the learning behind me and gave me the confidence I needed to finally do my test and pass. Thank you for all your patience and hard work, you’ve helped change our lives.

I’ve been doing driving lessons with Colin for a few months and he’s very helpful, he allowed one of my friends to come on my driving lessons with me, which I didn’t know you could do and it has made me more confident when learning to drive. He offers really good rates and is very flexible around my schedule, I would highly recommend him when doing lessons.

Colin Smith is a very encouraging, supportive and professional driving instructor. He has always been patient to answer all my queries and helped me improve my driving skills. Having intensive driving lessons with Colin Smith has undoubtedly built up my confidence to drive. I personally found the mock tests are especially useful in preparing for the real driving test. A sincere and big thank you to Colin Smith!

I have been doing my driving lessons with Colin for a couple of months now. He is a very patient and informative driving instructor. He bases the lessons around my needs and makes the lessons engaging. I would recommend Colin to any new driver. He is very flexible around my work schedule and is always on time.

Colin has been the best driving instructor I could have asked for. He made me feel relaxed and confident and we always had a really great lesson. Colin’s teaching was easy to implement and something which I still use in my everyday driving. Thanks to Colin I passed first time with only 2 driving faults! I would highly recommend Colin as a driving instructor.

I have been doing driving lessons with Colin for more than 20 hours. We go through car control and clutch control in a quiet car park, followed by road driving practice together with learning maneuvers like three point turn, parallel parking, bay parking, emergency stop, reversing into a side road, etc.

Colin is a very patient instructor. He is able to give me instructions to improve my less experienced driving maneuvers with patience and positive attitude, even when I made the same maneuver a lot of times. He has good materials (images, videos, website, etc) and experience to answer my questions and to improve my understanding of driving and road rules. He designs courses based on my need. After I express that I need more practice in roundabout, we have a whole lesson practicing in a place with lots of roundabout to improve my experience. He has good flexibility. All my lessons are scheduled on weekend afternoon which is a satisfactory time for me.

Since driving with Colin, I have gained so much confidence through his ongoing support and positive outlook. Lessons are always enjoyable and friendly as I can learn at my own pace and have seen large improvements in my driving technique as a result. Three members of my family are being taught by him as we all find his teaching style so effective. I would definitely recommend Colin as a driving instructor.

I’m currently doing my driving lessons with Collin and At 31 I have started driving quite late in life. at first I was apprehensive but Collin quickly put me at ease. After going through the car controlles and mastering basic clutch controle in a quiet car park we were ready for the roads (1st lesson). I’ve now done 10 hours with Collin and am making better progress than I Ever imagined. I would highly recommend him as a driving instructor he teaches good positive driving, backed up with plenty of examples and explanations.

I have been learning to drive with Colin since the middle of October 2016. He has been very patient with me and has let me go over things several times until I can do it. He is very good at explaining things and if I don’t understand, he will explain in a different way until I understand it. He is flexible with location of lessons as I went back to Andover over Christmas and he was happy to do my lessons in Andover. I would highly recommend Colin as a driving instructor!

I have had many driving instructors and negative experiences with driving in the past. Colin is the best by far and has helped me gain the confidence to start driving again! #winnerwinnerchickendinner (or vegies if you are Colin)